Harley Davidson green initiatives

Harley Davidson is making the world green starting with it's manufacturing plants.

By Pam O'Connell

Harley Davidsion (NYSE:HOG) merchandise is not just a motorcycle company but a lifestyle today. The bikes, community groups, events, museums, accessories, collectibles, Harley Davidson car stickers, helmet stickers, patches etc makes it the classy brand which it is. Being a Harley Davidson fan you have all the option to be part of Harley Davidson. To add to all these, Harley Davidson is one of the best green companies out there. Harley has taken immense measures to go green. A continuous effort from Harley Davidson towards its corporate green responsibilities adds to the customer trust it already have. Here are few initiatives from taken by Harley Davidson.

Reduction of green house gases

Continues effort from Harley Davidson to reduce Green house gases from its manufacturing plants has helped Harley to reduce GHG emissions by 25% since 2008. Planned production shutdowns and power strain operations square footage reduction has helped the Harley to achieve this target. ??There is also huge reduction in the emissions from Harley motor bikes.

Recycling initiatives

With enough strive to recycle the materials and identify new recycling opportunities, Harley Davidson has been able to recycle paper, cardboard, metal, plastics and packaging.

Harley owners group's (HOG) sustainable paper project

It's not just the company that is taking the initiatives to go green but also the customers. The Harley owners group printed its 2010 tour handbook on paper certified by CFI and FSC. These initiatives no doubt promote the green practices from the Harley Davidson.

Water usage reduction and waste water pretreatment award

With new technologies and adopting to water treatment methods Harley Davidson also reduced the water by 300000 gallon of water per year.

These sustainable strategies from Harley Davidson have really provided them the good will from people. Being a Harley fan, now you have one more reason to proudly sport your Harley Davidson patches and accessories during the ride.