The Porsche Cayenne - SUV of the Future?

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The Porsche Cayenne SUV was released in 2003 and it was an instant hit. Nobody had expected a luxurious mid-size vehicle to drive like a sports car and the Porsche cayenne reviews at that time reflected these sentiments by labeling the vehicle to be precise and fun to drive, which gave a lot of satisfaction to the potential new buyers. However many did not find the body style of the vehicle quite appealing but were very much impressed by the fast brakes, precision steering, five-sitter cabin and four wheel dual range system. The present model of 2011 shows a lot of improvement and is lighter by about 400 pounds and much more fuel efficient. The body style has improved and now there is automatic transmission with eight-speed gears which are wheel mounted. The four available models are the Hybrid S, Turbo, Cayenne S and the basic model. The Porsche Cayenne hybrid model runs on gas and electricity and is fast gaining popularity. The hybrid combo gives very good mileage economy and is much better than almost all sedans having four cylinders. The transition to electric is automatic when the driver quits pressing the gas pedal with his foot and the vehicle can then cruise at top speeds. The best feature is of course the Auto-Stop which automatically shuts the engine after a certain time being stationery in the traffic. The driver then has to just release the brake, for the vehicle to re-start. The only drawback of the Porsche Cayenne could be its price tag. The basic version starts at $46,000 going all the way up to $67,700 for the hybrid, which makes it the costliest SUV in the market. Even though it is pricey it still has the best sales figures in the Porsche's stable since its inception with the exception of the Porsche Panamera. The other problems which customers encounter are the tight leg-room space for the rear row and a small cargo space. The gadgetry displayed on the dash also is quite difficult to comprehend by most people. The 2011 models are not crash tested but have an impressive array of safety features which include Stability Management system, Lane change and Park assists, adaptive control for cruising and come with a 50,000 miles warranty for four years. The Volkswagen Touareg seems to be a close competitor for the Porsche Cayenne as the Touareg is $6000 cheaper and has the same platform. But people who want the Porsche sporty style and good seating will not mind paying the extra.