Car DVD player

DVD car player is actually a device used to play audios and videos form a DVD that is encoded in it. DVD player also has a history and was said to launch in 1996 but actually came in the market in 1997. The first sample was created by Sony Corporation Taiwan in collaboration with Pacific Digital company way back in 1994. DVD is a special kind of CD that has a larger storage capacity. In DVD players, even CDs are compatible to play. DVDs are connected with the TV to play videos, while audios can be played independently using speakers connected to it.

Having DVD player is a common thing and they are even provided in computers, like autoradio GPS 3D maps. Even your car can have a DVD player.

In modern days, every car has got a DVD player paired with Bluetooth connectivity as well as USB options. You can play songs, movies and videos on the go. The DVD players are connected to speakers inside your car and plays the audio part smoothly, but for playing videos, a small screen must be installed on the roof or pair it with the display provided for navigation.

AF also known as Alternative frequencies is a special addition to DVD car player. You may think what is it? But whenever you buy, try to have this in your car DVD player. These players also plays radio if you have an acute shortage of music or are bored with your playlist or watch the news. Here, this feature comes to rescue.

It may happen that you love to listen to a particular radio station and consequently, the radio signal becomes weaker and your player cannot sense it. Like, you are driving and there is distortion from your nearest radio station and your signal is broken. In such cases, AF helps you to a greater extent. When the previous signal weakens, AF re-tunes that particular to station to a different and stronger frequency that is carried by the same station or some other stations. By this way, AF helps you to get a complimentary signal.

This happens very smoothly and you won’t notice any change in it. AF will only tune your DVD car player if it finds some stronger frequencies of the same station. AF also helps in getting a good clarity of sound. People who love to listen to a particular station while driving loves this feature to a great extent.